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Our Overseers / Partners
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Mission Trips to Haiti: June 1-10, 2013 And December 11-19, 2013


Overseers & Partners

Program Overseer

A task force composed of former inmates, clergy, laity, community leaders, not for profit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and religious groups oversee the development, daily function, and the overall function of the programs. They serve as guidance counselor, accountant, financial advisor, program evaluator, fund raiser, and health care assistant. They are professionals and executives serving on different board of national and international corporations and non-governmental organizations.  

It is projected that former inmates will serve as role model for awareness and service protocol for the program.

 Our Overseers are:



Centre Louverture pour la Liberté et le Développement

Mr. Parnell Gérard Duverger, Président

Chosen Ministry, Inc

Mr. Allan Swartz, President


Haitian Consortium.com

Dr. Joseph Dorcéant, Chairman


The Alliance Center

James Donnah, President


Georgia Cares

Dr. Esmeralda Savin, President


Ministry Food Transfer, Inc.

Rev. Steve Kelly, President


Women Refuge

Yvanna B. Lancia, President


 European Center for Humanitarian Support

Dr. Martin Level, President


Hermano Y Hermano de Cadiz

Dr. Sylvia Cadosso, President


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