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Mission Trips to Haiti: June 1-10, 2013 And December 11-19, 2013


We are a volunteer agency

The Best Supporting Staff


cans of food

Every Item Makes a Difference
Every unwanted item you donate can make a difference for those in need.
You may donate a variety of items, including:
Shoes, Sandals, Boots
Sanitary Napkins
General household items

Give Us Your Cans Of food. 
canned of foodLet Haitian Children Thank You Daily!

Haiti Prison Ministry relies on people like you to help feed the inmates in Haiti.

Moving? Cleaning? Extra food in your pantry? Picked up something extra at the store?

Haiti Prison Ministry works with a network of local churches, community centers, and sororities to collect and receive food donations. Haiti Prison Ministry always appreciates the generosity of individuals who want to make a difference. Whether it is a few cans from your pantry or a few boxes of household supplies, we will gladly accept your donation and distribute it to the eighteen functional prisons in Haiti.

Donate Today -- Schedule a Pick Up!
Our free pick up service makes it easy to support Haitian's Inmates.
Donate today!

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
Haiti Prison Ministry
P. O. BOX 1052
New York, NY 10150-1052
Phone: 646-807-1672
or e-mail us a note at donation@haitiprisonministry.org


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