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Mission Trips to Haiti: June 1-10, 2013 And December 11-19, 2013


Evaluation Visits: 2011-2012

Annual Report 2011-2012 pdf


Did you know...?

Every 4 months, team pastors and elders from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean as well as Evangelical leaders from Europe, Latin America, and Asia travel to Haiti to work with Haiti Prison Ministry. During their stay, they pray with inmates, build houses, distribute food, and medicine.

Our next trips to Haiti are scheduled for June 1-10, 2013 and December 11-19, 2013.  Please, call us at
646-807-1672 to register.


Our Mission

The mission of Haiti Prison Ministry is to bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families and those who work with them, and to assist in the transition of becoming a productive citizen.Imate with Bible

Our vision in mission is to change hearts, transform lives, reconcile these broken families and break the cycle of crime and pain.

We helped change Lives!

Haiti Prison Ministry is dedicated to working with inmates and their families to change their lives through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Part of our work is to help improve the justice system so that offenders have a second chance. 


Address: Haiti
The Rev. James O' Stallings Ecumenical Houses
and Ministries Centers of Haiti
P. O. BOX 19171
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, W. I.
Phone: 011-509-3193-7500
e-mail: info@haitiprisonministry.org

Address US
P. O. BOX 1052
New York, NY 10150-1052
Phone: 646-807-1672
e-mail: info@haitiprisonministry.org



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