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Mission Trips to Haiti: June 1-10, 2013 And December 11-19, 2013

Building on Success

For Your Information

Prison Reform


Understanding the Need

New funding is needed now. Here’s why:
Inmate in prison
Haiti is facing a massive deportation of illegal aliens from the United States
and Canada. Most of them must pass through the judiciary system before they can be released to their families. Many of them are returning home alone. No families and no support system In place to welcome them after incarceration. They rely on Haiti Prison Ministry for food, clothing, temporary shelter and job. Without our program, at lot of them are prone to return to jail for mugging, break-in, petty theft and other criminal activities.

Building on Success

Demand for a better prison system in Haiti increases every year. Over the past two years, Haitian Prison Ministry’s support program, alone, is up 75%.Literally, we are operating at a minimum capacity. Haitian Prison Ministry must expand to meet the ever-rising demand. That’s why we have launched the Building on Success initiatives.





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