Haiti Prison Ministry

Our Focus!

  • Pastoral Care

  • Rehabilitation

  • Support Services

  • Spiritual Guidance

We endow inmates with Pastoral Care!

The climate of violence, including prison rape, inside our correctional institutions often leaves inmates scarred physically and emotionally, thus making home transition much harder. The skills that inmates develop to survive in a violent prison environment often make them anti-social when they get released from prison, which also make life very difficult for their families. We provide them with Pastoral Care and counseling inside and out.

Haiti Prison Ministry recognizes the role that spiritual support can play in coping with incarceration.

To help inmates meet with spiritual needs, Haiti Prison Ministry  provides a Chaplaincy Service as an integral part of the Ministry support team. The chaplains are trained to serve the inmates  you and their families. They are a multi-faith community dedicated to the spiritual care of all persons.

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